Sunday, September 30, 2007

Germany beats Brazil: Lets celebrate on Oktoberfest

The German women soccer teams wins again the world championship after beating brazil 2:0. Wow! In the whole tournament the German team got not one single goal against them. Keeper Nadine Angerer is best keeper ever!

Next weekend is Oktoberfest in the sunway hotel. Me and Nataly will be there, so lets celebrate the German victory there ...

Aung San Suu Kyi got a visitor

Just got this on Mizzima News:
In a surprise development the UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari today met detained Burmese pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon.

The visiting envoy met the Burmese Nobel Peace Laureate for ninety minutes at the State guest house in Rangoon.

The UN envoy, who led a three-member delegation, met the Burmese opposition leader on his return from Nay Pyi Taw after a meeting with Burma's military officials on Sunday.

He met her in the state house? From where the junta brought her to this place? Its still unclear if she is at home arrest or in jail.
Maybe that was the concession to talk to her, hopefully not the only one.

I think, the pressure should be hold on the Junta as well as on own government.

Dont forget the Burmese!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma: Boycott or pressure?

Shall we boycott all companys who are working in or with Burma? I mean, not only the Chevrons and the Ivonhoes, but also small travel companies?
I think no: We better use pressure to ask companies how the are using their connections and opportunities to make pressure on the regime. A junta without money is nothing, so it in the hand of China and India, but also the companies, to make a clear statement.
What we can forget is the UN: They are useless, having dinner with dictators and counting death tolls, to get after theit visit in the first class flight and make a report.

Tomorrow we have our Bloger Tech Meetup and some suggested to wear red shirts. A great idea, and I think we should send out an adress to the people of Burma, show our solidarity with them.

If many many people do many little things, they can even move a junta out of government. yes, I believe in this. The people in eastern Germany proved it years ago.

Bloggers risk their lives in Burma

Its bloggers who are experienced enough to get pictures and videos out of Burma, where the brutal junta is still acting against the people and the human rights.

Armed with a laptop, a blogger named Ko Htike has thrust himself into the middle of the violent crackdown against monks and other peaceful demonstrators in his homeland of Myanmar.

Read this story on

There are some pictures on flickr, today ist red for burma day:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma update: War or no war?

While the monks are arrested and the people getting shot, I was thinking about a military option against Burma (btw: or Birma, but not Myanmar, thats the juntas name).
Why there is not UN resolution like in Afghanistan or Kosovo? Because China wont give up there business? Because there is not enough oil for the US? Because there are no economic interests for Germany, UK or France?

What options does the opposition in Birma have? I think, the only one is to fill the streets with masses of people, which include the risk to get shot (and yes, its easy to say that from a safe place like I have). Waiting for outside help is waste of time, just look at the international reaction. All the leaders are conferencing together in New York right now, and the main topic is climate change and maybe Iraq. The don't really care about Burma.

So, would a military solution solve the problems? What, if Russia or US use their Mother of all Bombs to just destroy the new capital or the juntas headquarter? Yes, this seems to be pretty naive, but I think, War against Burma should be discussed as long as there is no other suggestion.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Situation in Birma

Our concerns are rising here because of the situation in Birma. It should be safe for foreigners by now there (most of them stay at home, in the office or in the hotel, as I got information), but our prayers are with the monks and the proud people of Burma, who stand up peacefully for freedom.

As a German I remember well the time when the east-germans demonstrate peacefully over weeks and then broke the wall, my thoughts are with the Birmese people.

Lets hope for a good end there!

More about the situation on Global Voices Online

Look also on Monkols Blog: He wrotes:
As a peace lover, I really appreciate this courageous move. I pray this remarkable display of desire for peace and freedom will not lead to any bloodsheds, as it used to. Sincerely, my heart goes to everyone out there! I salute the Burmese people’s power and let’s be the change!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Video: Trip to Battambang

Mc Donalds in Phnom Penh?

When I came back from Sihanoukville, we passed the new special economic zone far outside the city. Until now, they finished just the gate, but I was wondering about an advertising there: It shows the brave new world of shopping centers there, but surprisingly with a Mc Donalds. As far as I now, KFC will come to PP, but McDonalds? I think it just what the believe should be reality (for better selling the appartments), not whats contracted..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

iPhone in Cambodia

I met a woman yesterday who showed me her new iPhone. It seems to be a import from Thailand. What I was wondering about was that is seems to work here. She has a cellcard account, and just inserted the simcard. Means, is should be delivered pre-hacked. Normally, Apple tries to get a contract with providers like AT&T in US, O2 in Uk and T-Mobile in Germany, which are exclusivly sell the iPhone.

While Apple and the telecommunication partners sell it for 399 Dollar, you have to pay around 800 Dollar here in Phnom Penh. For me, thats to much, I will have a look for the iPod Touch. Maybe in the Sorja Shopping Center.

Top Khmer Rouge Leader arrested

reports AP and CNN today:
Police detained the top surviving leader of the Khmer Rouge on Wednesday over his role in the notorious former Cambodian regime that caused the deaths of 1.7 million people in the late 1970s.

Police surrounded Nuon Chea's home in Pailin in northwestern Cambodia near the Thai border and served him with an arrest warrant on charges of crimes against humanity, police Capt. Sem Sophal said.

Thats besides requests to shut down the ECCC.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cambodian Bloggers

this is just a reminder for the cambodian blogger directory..
Cambodia Blogger - Khmer Bloggers Directory

Friday, September 14, 2007

Luxury Cars

What I don't really understand is how people can spend so much money for a luxury car. I mean, there is - by law - a 400 percent luxury tax. I have seen here some very expensive cars, like maserati, mercedes benz, vw beatle. You must be crazy to pay four times more than in us or europe.

But I am also wondering about cars like many other people are driving, like the toyotas. I payed nearly 1300 Dollar for a motorbike, a 12 year old small korean car is about 1800 dollar. So how the hell are cambodians able to pay for a lexus or a camry? the earn normally 300 Dollar a month..Any suggestions?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Not really recommended: Pacharan on Sisowath Quay

Originally we wanted to try the new Living Room in Street 306, but they didnt have an aircondition and it was quite hot, so we decided to go spanish to the Pacharan.
Its located on the riverside in the first floor, beautiful view on the street and the tonle sap. Nice interieur too, modern, chic. They have three tables outside on the balcony and a lot more inside with a/c. Thats the good news.

The bad news is: Too expensive. Maybe they think they can rip off the tourists because they never come back. maybe they think spanish tapas must be on a higher price level.

but sorry: we spent 25 dollar for a bottle of pellegrino (6$), 3 cheese croquettes (7$!), stuffed eggplants (maybe two handfuls, a handful of chorizo and the same ammount of olives. my wife as a vegetarian even eat one slice of the sausage, because she said its to expensive to leave it on the dish...

the service ist functional, but thats it.

btw: try the new lebanese restaurant near norodom (one of the 300 somethings), its cheap and delicious!

T-sman does it: Videoblogging

Got this link from the cloggersummit-group: T-sman ist videoblogging from Sihanoukville. As Ray said in the Phnom Penh Post article said: Blogs, Vlogs and podcasts give Cambodian people a great opportunity to express themselfs - not only in a private way but also in cultural or even political topics. I am so surprised of the rising number of Cambodian bloggers...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New traffic law

I just picked this up from the Khmer440-Forum, a english translation of the new traffic law here (via Jungle Blog). Some topics:

The drivers of all motorcycles and tricycles must drive in the maximum speed of 30 km per hour

The drivers and passengers who sit at the front seats of the vehicles must wear the safety seat belts.

12. Telephones are banned from being operated during driving. The telephones can be operated when they are connected to the communication equipment, or the drivers must stop the vehicles to operate the telephones.

The drivers must not drive side by side on the roads or the same path of the roads.

When overtaking, the drivers must strictly implement as the following:
1. The drivers of all kinds of vehicles must overtake each other on the left-hand side. But the drivers can overtake on the right hand side, if the other drivers are giving a diverting sign to turn left and stop, or prepare to turn left.

Ok, reality seems to be a bit different..

Recommend: Haircut and Cafe

Just two loctions I used frequently or the first time. Yesterday I went to the Paragon Centre for a new haircut: There is coiffeur in the second floor, and, wow, that was amazing. Separate cabin, verything clean, very friendly staff, good haircut and an outstanding shampoo-headmassage-comination. And I paid just 10 Dollars. Recommended!

One of the foreingers most loved places is the Java Cafe on Sihanouk Boulevard. Its terrace is nice, the bagels too, also the pumpkin soup. We even tried the delivery servcie, wich was fast and good. They have Wifi (via online) there and great art exhibitions.

What I do not understand, is the not-so-good service. They are slow, you have to wait a long time to place your order, they never ask you if you like to have something more. Yesterday, some people complaint about the internet shutdown. It is always the router which needs to be restartet. Bt it tooks more than an hour before a staff member did anything. Thats really sad, because the internet wifi is a major reason to come to Java Café. I hope, they will train there waiters a little bit..

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Exotissimo goes voluntourism

Because it's the company my wife is working for, here some news about voluntourism. the projects name isn't published yet, but I think will be soon.

Volunteer tourism has kicked off in recent months and the importance of adding the concept of helping others has increased among the conscience travelers. Many people while traveling are left with the question: “What can we do out of the ordinary to help others?” Volunteer tourism is not just about donating money and visiting a project. It’s about donating your time and devotion and sharing it with the local hosts and improving their livelihoods.

Exotissimo Cambodia has now worked out a couple of great programs in which people visit the country and its marvelous treasures as well as an additional work a couple of days on construction projects for the poor and handicapped. An extensive network of dedicated NGO’s and impressive cooperation between them and Exotissimo Cambodia has led to our first major project to be started in November 2007.

Cloggersummit Video: Citizen Journalism

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Video Cloggersummit

Most livable cities: Phnom Penh at the bottom

That tells us The Economist, who publish the Top Liveable Cities List every year. Phnom Penh is Number 125. Kathmandu - the most dirtiest city I've ever been - is just 128...

Of the 132 cities surveyed, only nine cities present the worst-case scenario in which most aspects of living quality are severely restricted, reflecting general improvements on a global scale in areas such as education, health care and infrastructure. Four of these are in Asia, mainly South Asia.

Although the authorities here reject the Economists article, some things could be better. Like the waste in the street and the culture. And - that seems to be very important for an Economist raking - PARKS!!!!

Summary of Cloggersummit2007 in Phnom Penh

Wow, was that amazing. Just two weeks after my arrive here in Phnom Penh I was participant and speaker of a blogger conference. Surprisingly Preetam Rai and the clogger team asked me to hold a short presentation about podcasting - what I did. My first presentation in english ever!

Ok, this blog entry is called summary, so what did i learn?

First, it's not a question of where to held a perfect conference. I visited a lot of them in Germany, but Phnom Penh was one of the most exiting. It was a kind of experience like barcamps - friendly people, willed to learn from each other.

"Learn and Understand" should be the subtitle of the summit - I learned, that a lot of people are still deep into web 2.0 as well as there is a important discussion whether to blog in khmer language or not.

I met so many great People, like Preetam Rai, Virak, Chivorn and many more..

Thanks to the clogger team and the sponsors!

Hope to see some of them soon!