Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The ugly face of tourism development in Cambodia - and CBRE's role in it

Must read: Big bucks hype Cambodian beaches


Tourism will eventually overtake all the islands in the Rong Archipelago dislodging villages and possibly offering work for today’s school children as maids and porters. They will live on the perimeters of luxury holiday villas on island they once called home, knowing that the their elected government leased their island home to foreign investors without a single public hearing to gather local feedback or opinion.

Forbes magazine joins other consumer publications such as Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure in identifying Cambodia’s tourism as “Asia’s next big thing” and “a place to watch”.
This level of publicity raises concerns that the hype and promise of “big buck” tourism will ultimately rob local residents of their livelihood, raise land prices and evict fishing communities from their traditional beachside villages.

As much I like tourism and development I also like public involvement. Cambodia is a country for sale, or to be more specific, that is already sold. The money goes to the CPP and the corrup government. and the ordinary people have still to suffer.
Yes, it creates job, but the price is that CB Richard Ellis and other are just stealing the land of Cambodians.