Thursday, April 13, 2017

Puppies in the hood!

These puppies are just a few weeks old. They are not in a pagoda or so called street dogs (I still doubt there are many street dogs in SR). They are the puppies of a pack of dogs that stays with a farmers family in my neighborhood. They do their best, as most people in my neighborhood, to give them food and water. They have no idea about animal welfare (or had, until I moved here), and they have no money to actually pay the doctor. It's a kind of food or doctor fee situation. The chance is high that only 2-3 of the puppies will survive, and that is actually a very natural thing. Only one of the past litter survived, and he is now a healthy dog.

I think it is worth helping people like my neighbors to understand when a dog is sick and to act - and even if this acting is coming to me and ask for help (they also came with a sick cow and a sick duck once). That's a first step. People getting better here over time, and my next campaign will be brochures in Khmer with explanation why vaccination is important. And a map where the vet is and his phone number. My goal is to see my neighbors going to the vet if a dog is sick.