Tuesday, November 29, 2016

You can make a difference for dogs and cats in Siem Reap: Help now!

Today I went to @Ok Hok Sy Veterinary  and delivered three cages. Buntha is very dedicated to help dogs and cats but his resources are limited. After talking with him we figured out that one issue are the metal beds the dogs are laid down. This is better than on the concrete, but still not good. Cages would be a huge improvement. So I just bought three of them.


You can just buy one (Angkor Vets has them and can order more), or just call me (015879410) me or donate some money so we can buy more. A small cage is 27USD, middle size 34 USD a and big one 45 USD in a good quality. Buntha is located near Spoons restaurant in a small alley behind Wat Damnak.

100 Dollar in total would make it possible to get rid of the metal beds.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Breakfast. Num Ban chok. #khmerfood #noddles #cambodia #siemreap #streetfood #blog

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What is wrong with my Papaya tree?

My landlords planted a Papaya tree in our garden, and it grew well over time, until it start's getting blossoms. I grew Papaya in Laos and Thailand, but I have never sees those kind of Papaya blossoms. They are way to many and the stalks are way to weak to support any fruit.
soil here isn't the best, mainly sand. I used fertilizer but I don't think it was boosting the tree that much. some flowers are following down already and I haven't seen any pollinated so far.

Is this a special species of Papaya? Any thoughts much appreciated.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Christmas is coming.

It's a Wanhoff family tradition to make Vanillekipferl, a traditional German and Austrian Christmas cookie. #baking #cookies #germanfood #blog

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kuy teav (គុយទាវ) from the shop owned by my neighbor Sombath.

 (http://ift.tt/2eLSIAg) Traditional Khmer breakfast, around 55 cent. #khmernoodle #asianfood #khmerfood #streetfood #cambodia #blog #noodles #khmerculture

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At Angkor Archaeological park.

 It was good to be back after so many years. I was quite impressed to see one temple completely restored – when we visited the place for the first time around 12 years ago it was just a pile of stones. Entry fee will go up from 20 to 37 USD in February, so better go now. #blog #temples #cambodia #ancientbuildings #khmerculture #siemreap #blog

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Biolab is a new coffeeshop in town on Wat Bo road.

good and affordable coffee. service needs more training and confidence. the chairs force you to sit straight otherwise the backrest will hurt you after a while (UPDATE: They improved the backrest) It's also a co-working space (5$/day) . #siemreap #coffeeshop #Cambodia #khmerlife #blog

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Those kind of rice flakes I got from my Khmer neighbors.

The taste reminds me of a Lao snack called green rice, which is very young rice. Can someone tell me how these dry rice flakes are made? (And what the Khmer name is?) Thanks in advance #khmerfood #blog #rice #snack #streetfood #cambodia #siemreap

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my neighbor Mao, his dogs and his family going out on a tuktuk ride.

The Rottweiler mix Johnny and the little Pino both got castrated and I give them some antibiotics daily for aftercare. Pino has a small skin infection that needs to be cleaned daily. Johnny's operation wound is healed but he has some pus in his scrotum so it looks like he still has his balls. #blog #cambodia #people #simplelife #siemreap #khmer

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Nom gui chai seller at the riverside in Siem reap.

One costs 1000 Riel, its made from rice and beansprouts and gui chai (chinese chives). its a nice snack. #blog #khmerfood #streetfood #cambodia

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gui tiau (Khmer noodles) from neighbors shop. 2

500 Riel (70 cent) is not bad for a breakfast. They serve them@dry here with soup on the side while in Phnom penh those are usually wet, means in the soup. You can get them with all kinds of meat and they are not spicy. #cambodia #streetfood #khmerfood #blog

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Supporting a local business in Cambodia

Brown coffee has a impressive short history. They started small and scaled large within a few years. Although it is clearly a Starbucks copy, the quality is even better, they sell local products and hire quite a lot of people. You may say its easy because the owners are from wealthy families, but having money alone isn't enough. What impressed me was that they were able to expand and scale. I just hope they aren't doing it too fast. I am not sure about their vision. Becoming big or the biggest isn't enough. And foreign coffeshops are gaining market share already. #blog #cambodia #smallbusiness #sme #economy #supportlocalbusiness

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the old and the new: Phnom Penh's skyline is changing, skyscrapers are coming up with offices and apartments. Its not necessarily a bad thing, because it means Cambodia moves forward. The question is how many people are able to move forward as well, because the gap between poor and rich is getting wider. #blog #cambodia #asean #development

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