Saturday, September 18, 2010

Khemara English-Khmer Dic for iOS4 is now in the App Store!!!

This is fucking awesome!!!

Khemara English-Khmer dictionary application delivers the most trusted reference content available. It is one of the largest English-Khmer Dictionary and has the most comprehensive content with a fast, intuitive interface. Providing concise definitions as a quick guide to meaning, the application helps users on matters such as spelling and usage.
This dictionary can help foreigners learning Khmer and is also of use to Cambodians learning English.

* Professionally designed to be easy to read and understand.
* Instantly look up accurate and extensive definitions and meanings.
* Bookmarks for selected words.
* Find definitions, spelling and word suggestions in this searchable dictionary.
* Sample sentences show words in use.
* Does not require an internet connection.
If you have any comments about this Dictionary, please leave your
feedback at