Friday, April 29, 2011

Common people stories - a new blog

I started a new blog. I tell the stories about common people I met and know in Asia. Not the heroes from CNN or newspapers. It is about neighbors, guards, waiters, shop owners - average people. You want your story being told? Message me!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Avoid the Blue Tongue Hotel

I stayed here two times, it's cheap and because of the walkaboutbar next door every motodub driver knows can bring you there. Thats pretty much it. The supervisors act like hey worked in prison before, the owner acts like he was in prison for a long time, (he is actually violent). Breakfast is worst than dog food, and their understanding of cleaning is way different from what hotel guests expect. It isnt that much booked, nobody was here, so please avoid this place. I also suspect some scam going on there with surcharges for lost or dirty linnen and towels.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Projects I am working on

I am working on two projects right now on a volunteer basis.

1. Filmcamp Laos
Since Barcamp was a huge success and I am a big movie and filmmaking fan, I was thinking about starting a Filmcamp in Laos. The goal is to bring together all people interested in filmmaking an TV, cameramen, actors, anchors, whoever is interested and let them share ideas and knowledge in a unformal environment. What I have achieved so far is the support from Lao Star TV, the support from the Luang Prabang Film Festival, a venue (Vientiane College), and some interest from filmmakers in Vietnam and Thailand as well as Cambodia. What is left is a talk to the department of cinema next week - if they agree in general, my plan is to set up a committee to do the final organization.

2. Young Leadership Challenge - a TV reality show
Seila Prum from Cambodia, who did this show on CTN, contacted me and we were talking about the idea to bring the show to Laos. I like the concept of this show - developing leadership skills for young people and using them as a role model for others. In a country like Laos that lacks of skilled people that should fit perfectly. What I need know is finding sponsors.
I do have already support from Lao Star TV as the shows host and some students and Lao people interested in bringing this forward. Meetings will start soon!

so stay tuned...