Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year

Ok I was a bit quiet here the last weeks, but it was Christmas, the busyiest time in the toy year. So I am sorry for some delay.
I was talking to someone I met in a cafe, discussing the need of online shops in Cambodia. Do people online shopping here? Not yet I think , but as soon as ANZ will provide credit cards, people can set up Amazon Accounts or PAypal Accounts. Even now its possible to shop. The better the internet connection is (and for shopping, its still fast enaough), the more people will try that. Think of them in the provinces ike Battambang. They will love online shopping. Apsara TV is doin a - strange - TV-shopping, but I heard its not so bad in success.
So, its not the next big thing for Cambodia, but if technical and financial obstacles are gone, there will be a big online market here!


roatha007 said...

haha i hav been away fr cambodia just a few years, i found that there are some websites like monument book shop provide online shopping!

Cambodia said...

Happy new year. a bit late but still Happy new year.

Cambodia has made a big change on its surface but to me everything is still the same. curruption, security, authority are ...