Friday, October 3, 2008

Thai-Cambodian Soldiers clash at border

CNN reports a bout a clash at the Cambodian-Thai border.
Soldiers from both Cambodia and Thailand were wounded Friday in a brief clash along their volatile border, officials from the two countries said.

A Cambodian soldier is shown at the Preah Vihear temple in late July.

Cambodian (Des)-Information Minister Khieu Kanharith said a Cambodian soldier was slightly wounded when Thai troops fired a grenade from their territory. He said Cambodian troops returned fire, with the "military incident" lasting less than a minute.

It actually so stupid what happens there. To dumb regimes are playing war - without any reason. These temples are nothing, not a tourist attraction for Cambodia, because Hun Sen will keep his money for his own purpose instead of any infrastructure, and the Thai government is just using these to bring the attraction from the protests to another place. Following the old rule, if you have a problem inside your country, start a war and people forget. It's working in USA since the Iraq war and its working at the Cambodian-Thai-Border.

My fellow Cambodians, please dont't follow your dictators policy. Don't send food to the soldiers, your government and the thousand advisers have enough money to feed them.

Oh, and like I suggested some weeks before, if the clashes are getting more serious, we should set up a bordercamp. I will bring my Nintendo Wii with me, and then we ask the two leading generals there to fight on the Wii. I suggest a Boxing competion. The Winner has to pay the following beercamp. And after, we all gonna go home in peace. Got it?

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Vanna said...

It's bad news. I hope it would not deteriorate :(