Friday, January 23, 2009

How intelligent people still struggle in Cambodia

I said it many times: Cambodia is far away from a free country. Free means not only freedom of speech, but also freedom of choice, freedom of education. The education in Cambodia is as poor as most of the population is, and the corrupt government is more interested to open new golf course than to do a substantial improvement in the school and university system.

One more proof is the story Nearirath, a close friend, told us in her blog. I would say she is the most talented law student in Cambodia, award winning young woman, and in most countries she would receive a lot of support. Not so in Cambodia, where teachers normally far behind the common knowledge, just focusing on that they always right and where techers never update their knowledge.

Yes, thats sounds general, and it is. Of course there are exceptions, but it will not bring the country forward to honor the few people. There must be a change in Cambodia.

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