Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Open tech talk in Phnom Penh

For those who might be interested, got this by email

Hey, we are having a very great news especially for IT geeks who eager to share or learn new things. In the cooperated ideas of the guys from SharevisionTeam, Khmerjoomla or Jumcam, PytonKhmer, Pailin (Ruby user group in Cambodia), ….We are planning to arrange a very big event ever which we believe it help to open more gates of sharing and learning new things with the specialized communities as mention above.

The event is officially called “Open Tech Talk”, aim to call for the participants in the above communities to meet, discuss, share and give the tech talk to the respective audiences. Right here, you are invited to expression your impression or desire/needs of what you to expected to see from the event and of course, feel free to suggest ideas by replying to this email. For those in each community who interested to organize this event, I would suggest to register in SharevisionTeam group ( and have communication there.

The draft date of the event is suppose to be 2011, Jan 15.

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