Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Noodle soup for breakfast

For about a month now I am having noodle soup for breakfast. I don't like instant noodles, so I usually go for either rice noodles or Udon noodles. For logistic reasons, I am having breakfast at home, what requires cooking. Not that this is a problem, I actually love cooking. I found some kind of instant rice noodles Phnom Penh style, what I sometimes use as a base, or ready to eat Udon Noodles. It is quite easy to make them a bit more delicious with adding just some chicken breast or tofu, a fresh egg, celery or bean sprouts.

The main reason was to find out if a noodle soup for breakfast just lasts long enough so I do not need to have lunch. And it actually does. Before, my breakfast was an apple and some oats, and then I had a salad for lunch and usually a good dinner. I work from home, what means I am always not more than 15 meters away from my fridge. In Bangkok,  the next 7/11 was in walking distance, so I was always tempted to get some fast food.

I am totally aware that food is actually a reward for me, but we all know that our brain sometimes tricks us, and there were and are times, when I felt dizzy and thought I have to eat now. It took a while to discover that most of the time it was a psychological problem. Proof is that when I am very busy during the day and away from home, I rarely feel dizzy even without having lunch. And yes, I am drinking enough, my blood pressure is good and I just had a health check up in May.

A friend in Laos once said in a presentation about crosscultural training, that one thing we do not like to change or that we struggle to change is breakfast. That why people so often complain about the breakfast in a hotel, although they know that there is always a better place outside. That's why so many restaurants offer french and continental and american breakfast (and never German, by the way). Our breakfast was for decades muesli with milk, even after moving to Asia.

But I have to admit that at least for the last month I wasn't missing the oats at all. I am carful enough to eat fruits to replace the morning apple and to get  veggies to still add  fiber to my diet. But I actually like the noodle soup, and just today I cooked some Udon noodles and  chicken breast in a broth, added some celery and Udon sauce, and had a lovely breakfast.

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