Thursday, September 22, 2016

My neighbor Sombath, his shop and his school project

You never know what people do until you get closer and talk with them. We already made some contacts here in the neighborhood, in particular with Sombath and his wife Sophol. They run a shop and restaurant just around the corner. Both speak English, but I try to improve my Khmer skills with them as well. In the past I bought some quite nice Num Pang (bread with grilled beef) and noodles with fish as well as Koh (Khmer stew) from them, and some beer.
A few days Sombath asked me if I can help him to set up a website, and I said yes of course. A few minutes later he got his own blogger account and his website.
And it turns out Sombath has some quite good understanding about content. Not only that we uploaded pictures and description about his shop, he went to his hometown yesterday to take some photos of his project there. They set up two classrooms under their home (about 35 km outside Siem Reap), and kids are coming for school every workday from 3-6pm. They learn how to read and write Khmer and English. The teacher gets 30 USD per month, and all school books, pen and other material is donated.

If you want to help Sombath and the school project, just go to his website and you will find all necessary information. Thanks!

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