Tuesday, November 29, 2016

You can make a difference for dogs and cats in Siem Reap: Help now!

Today I went to @Ok Hok Sy Veterinary  and delivered three cages. Buntha is very dedicated to help dogs and cats but his resources are limited. After talking with him we figured out that one issue are the metal beds the dogs are laid down. This is better than on the concrete, but still not good. Cages would be a huge improvement. So I just bought three of them.


You can just buy one (Angkor Vets has them and can order more), or just call me (015879410) me or donate some money so we can buy more. A small cage is 27USD, middle size 34 USD a and big one 45 USD in a good quality. Buntha is located near Spoons restaurant in a small alley behind Wat Damnak.

100 Dollar in total would make it possible to get rid of the metal beds.

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