Monday, January 23, 2017

The top 5 coffeeshops in Siem Reap

I really like coffee, and I really like to work in a coffeeshop. I always did, even when they were called Cafe. It is the laid back environment what I like, but even when it's crowded I can ignore the noise and just work. Siem Reap is just perfect for my work style, so I thought I make a list of the Top 5 coffeeshops where you can work and where you get great coffee. My benchmark is a) quality of coffee, b) that it's local owned, c) decent internet and d) friendly service. The Top 5 are equally good, but in my opinion stand out compared to others.


This coffeeshop opened just a few months ago and quickly gained attention within the freelancer community, both expats and locals. The coffee at Biolab is excellent and very reasonable priced. Internet connection is extremely good and the service is very friendly and helpful. Located at Wat Bo/corner Street 22. Open every day from 7.30 am. Breakfast and a  basic food menu available.

Noir 306

Based a the Hotel 306 at the corner of National Road 6 and Lok Taney Road this little gem opened last year and is one of my favorite places. Internet is decent, coffee is good (what was a surprise since they use Boncafe, normally not my favorite). There are two meeting rooms attached. Sitting at Noir 306 isn't the most comfortable if you are a lounge guy, but the wooden stools force you to sit straight. Lovely stuff and very good and cheap Khmer food.

Noir 1928

Another new branch of the same brand. They recently opened Nour 1928 on Road 6 corner Achar Sva street, at the gas station. While it's smaller than the branch at Hotel 306, they offer the sample quality and variety of food and drinks. Decent internet speed and the same friendly stuff. Good location just opposite the Royal Gardens.

Temple Bakery

While I do not like the Temple group too much because of their aggressive strategy to expand and their business behavior in Pub street, the Bakery building at Street 25 is well done. The morning shift is great, service goes down pretty quick in the late afternoon and gets - in particular at the sky deck - horrible at night.
If you like to relax, stretch your legs and but you laptop on a pillow, this is the right place for you. Internet is ok, but drops sometimes. Khmer noodle soup with beef  is only 1.50 between 7-9 am and highly recommended. Staff in the morning shift is quote nice and helpful.


This place is a bit far from downtown, but if you live in the area behind Angkor High School its just perfect for you. Located at Sombai Road/Navutu Road TruBlu recently updated their menu and service, and that was a good thing. Relaxed place, even with beanbags to chill, great food with huge portions, the usual range of coffee and fast internet. Stuff is friendly and helpful.


Brown Cafe

Finally they came to Sieam Reap, but my favorite Phnom Penh coffeeshop brand screwed up here.  The building is a total architecture failure, because the blank walls and a high ceiling create a constant noise even with a few people there. Service at this Brown branch is sometimes slow and internet drops. While the quality of the coffee is great and food as well (although pricy), the options mentioned above are still better.


beirutibrit said...

No sister Srey/Little red Fox & the hive? Great to see so many new places have opened since I left though!

Thomas Wanhoff said...

I prefer to go to local owned places and promote them. red fox is nice but not a place to sit, hive is overrated as well as sister srey is.

am said...

Sister Srey has some of the best coffee in town and by far the best community partnership model. It's got unique local character and doesn't mimic all the other cookie-cutter corporate coffee joints that are popping up all over. As a digital nomad who has lived in the region for five years, I have yet to find a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in which to work, hang out, and hold meetings. No contest :)