Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bets in Battambang

The Agence France Press submitted two days ago a story about betting on rain in Battambang. I will be on a short visit in Battambang next week - maybe we can bet there :-)

Thats part of the AFP-Story
Storm clouds gathering over this northwestern Cambodian city could make or break the fortunes of dozens of men gathering on rooftops or crowding into nearby guesthouses.

The sky-gazers above and the bookies and gamblers below frantically
swap information and wagers; the tension builds as hopes rise of
striking it rich with a little rain.

Normally quiet on cloudless days, Battambang city's Beung Chhouk
market is humming with excitement as the monsoon descends and the
ancient game of "Phnal Tuek Phleang", or rain betting, gets underway.

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