Thursday, August 30, 2007

Problem ? There is no problem... Day 2 Cloggersummit2007

Got it: sometimes I just have to wait for to get my posts published. Ok...

Day 2 of Cloggersummit2007: Again some presentations in khmer, but I can follow thanks to some english language slides and my "personal" translater Men Chivorn (reading this whle I am typing :-))

Summeray of yesterday: I was really impressed how concentrate they work here. We had a group session in afternoon, just 20 minutes to answer the question "what is team-blogging". We got it in time.
Team Blogging is when a team, which is two people or more, is using one blog, and they have a same interest. It's more easy to blog as a team, if one blogger doesn't have time, the other bloggers can still provide content. another reason for teamblogging is diversity.
An if you want to know how to team blog, please follow Beths five steps of web 2.0

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