Thursday, October 25, 2007


Just found these thoughts on Sharkys website. I think he is absolutely right. Last reports about of the demand of virgin girls told that the major requests are from Asians. That does not mean that westerns are innocent. But if you fight against anything you need to know who your enemies are - and where they are from.

We all know the billboards and adverts stating: "Abuse a child in this country. Go to jail in yours." I totally agree even if they do need them translated into Chinese, Japanese and Khmer. The campaign is sponsored by World vision (USAID). Meanwhile 500 charges against pedophile Catholic priests in L.A are dropped when the church hands over $660 million! Now if that isn't double standards I don't know what is! Oops forgot. It's the church isn't it. Rules don't apply to them!

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James said...

Yeah, well the Church does have a problem there. Every currently serving Bishop, the previous Pope, and the current Pope, all knew what was going on, and not one of them had the moral fortitude to do anything about it.
As for Western pedophilia in general, if we follow the historical tradition of defining "child" as under the age of 14, such activity does NOT have a lot of historical support in Western culture.