Saturday, October 13, 2007

Things I don't understand on Cambodia

Ok, I am just a few weeks here in Cambodia, but all the following questions I also asked my wife (she is here since March), but don't get really an answer.

Am I right or is the main part of the social and health care system based on NGOs in Cambodia? If so, could this be an obstacle to develop a own cambodian healthcare system? The government just saving money for new cars and important issues like more navy soldiers.

Everyone in the business scene is talking about booming Cambodia, but isn't it a bit risky right now? Where should the boom come from? There is just a small middle class, earning enough money spend it as consumers - unfortunatly in Bangkok and Singapore. There a rare possibilities to go shopping for luxury or premium goods in Phnom Penh. Every dollar spent in Thaiand is lost in Cambodia.

Its seems to me that there are less laws and law enforcment as I expected. Without a working legal system, economy will not grow sustainable. How should a "boom" work if there is this kind of anarchy in the legal system (just look at the traffic law).

I am working in the tourism business, and when I was in Sihanoukville, it was typical for the situation right now: People just want to make quick money. There is a lot of money out there, but if the government doesn't invest in infrastructure, nobody will take his dollars to build up hotels on a small strip of beach next to a russian or korean casino. There must be a masterplan of development for the touristic regions - as well as for Phnom Penh I think (yes, there was one in the 60s).

I am getting a little bit confused about an argument I hear everyday: "The people are not well educated, thats why nothing happens". Hmm, I think they are - especially the big guys from RCAF and political parties - but maybe there is no vision of future, and thats why people live from day to day. A skytrain isn't a vision, by the way, as well as a stock exchange is not.

Just my 20cents


Heng Phan said...

Dear Thomas,

What you are wrote and idear are correcly. Of couse Cambodia are peaseful right now, and the suitable lacation for the visitor to visite can traveling. Eventhough it is a small country but it safe, people are welcome, good food, famouse temple, comfotable for joining and doing business.


Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas,

Yeah, you are right. It’s complicated to understand about Cambodia, esp, the Government now, even I’m a Khmer don’t actually know what they are doing as well.
Beside, Cambodia is a good place for everybody to find out the real world, real life, beautiful scenery… absolutely amazing country. Don’t worry much, it’s still safety here. Spent your time more to find out Cambodia. All the best…Good Day.

James said...

For some reason, and I do not purport to know why, it appears that many non-western societies do not have the concept of sacrificing for the future of their children.
It may be that they do not have any experience with the concept of capital acquisition and therefore leaving a better opportunity for their children.
Or, it may be that their historical experience is that things never really get better and so only the here and now is real to them.
As for running out of oil. If we knew without doubt that at the current usage we would run out of oil in 75 years, we would never run out because most of what we do really does not require the use of fossil fuels, we just use them out of habit.