Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Investments form North Korea

Hmm, how to handle a regime like North Korea? Ignore it? Todey in the Cambodia daily there was e arport saying that Cambodia will sign an investment deal in November with Kim Jong Ill. Cambodias Commerce Minister said, there should be a realationship to "give the north korean government air to breathe" and show them an exit. He compared the diplomacy status to the Cambodian history, when everyone wasn't talking with the Khmer Rouge regime. The article also points to stronger relationships between US and North Korea.

I think, trade relations with North Korea are because of money, not of politics, ethices or moral. If Cambodia make sthis deal, that would be a signal to others: Look, we are dealing with North Korea, but we do not want to have a Mc Donalds here. I mean, if Cambodia liks to attract all the "investors" from NK, Lybia, Syria a.s.o. they will shortly get in danger because of international reputation. Its still not that easy to invest in cambodia..

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