Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PETA and the concerns about KFC in Cambodia

There is a story about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in Cambodia Daily and their concerns regarding a KFC in Cambodia. The government recently has allowed KFC to set up restaurants here.
The concerns are: KFC will threaten peoples health, will lead to animal abuse and - threaten cambodias culture.

PETA is doing an incredible job, and, yes, sometimes you need some PR in the media. Thats why they fighting against the big companies. And yes, the KFCs may be lead to animal abuse.

But: KFC is not really threatening cambodias culture. Just walk arround, see the Lucky-Burger and the Family-Pizza-Chain, the Coffes Shops and the Boom-Boom-ipod-stores. Look on the menu at the most restaurants and you will find spaghetti, red thai curry and fish amok. Thats how tourism works: provide, what the clients want. and that sometimes is different to what PETA wants. A culture is not written in stone, it should be reflected by other cultures. And as there is some ïnternational culture coming in, cambodian culture still changed. otherwise, you have to re-open angkor wat as a temple, move the government to siem reap (which is the again just a monarchy) and bring the people back to the rice fields.

And: look how animals are still treated in cambodia? ever seen the chicken on the motorbike? or even the dogs in the basket? I am not sure wether KFC or local farmers treat the animals better?

By the way: I am really looking forward for the first starbucks in town!


ThaRum said...

Do we like civilization? Do we accept globalization? This is a small story of how privatization works anywhere around the world.

This also reminds me of the Starbucks Coffee attempted to establish at the Forbidden City in China.

Madeth said...

To be honest, I have nothing against this... besides, I admit that I would love to see the first KFC in town :)