Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cambodia Daily on the impacts of tourism in Cambodia

I was quite upset when I was reading an article in todays Cambodia Daily about tourism impacts on Cambodia. In summary the article says (without real proof), that tourism delays Cambodias development. For example, because there is just foreign investment and that none of the investors are caring about education.
Let's say some words: without tourism, there would be a old airport in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap would be just a small village, there were less roads in Cambodia and a lot people more are unemployed. So, its nonsense to say tourism delays development.
The main problem Cambodia has is that there is no own development. It's always based on foreign investments and NGOs projects. The governments part seems to be collecting taxes and fees. But there is a strong need for better infrastructure in IT, roads, electricity and education. Its really hard sometimes to find real qualified people. Not only in the tourism business.


Anonymous said...

Harmony United is a Canadian registered charity foundation. We are on our way to Cambodia, but right now we are raising money for our future projects.
We will have a website soon, so keep your eyes open for us.
We are going to educate people, so they can educate others. We will teach skills so people can work right away, and then start their own company, perhaps.
We will be taking baby steps so we can do things right and help the country of Cambodia and it's beautiful people.


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