Monday, November 19, 2007

Great Grand Optics

After the last weeks I discovered that I really getting older: My eyes tell me that its time for new glasses. So I went to Grand Optics on Norodom (opposite of Exotissimo Travel) and asked for an eye testing. Wow, what a great and friendly service they have. I am really surprised about knowledge, english skills, how helpful they are. And: The price is quite reasonable, I bought new titanium frame and non-reflecting glasses for 65 US$. I can pick up my new glasses tomorrow, so they are fast too.

UPDATE: Yes, I like the glasses, Got a box for them also. Again: Great service. And better reading experience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

would u allow us to catch a glimpse of our new look? A photo would be nice!


VuthaSurf said...

I am the regular client of Grand Optic too. I always bought Glasses there. Last week, i received new promotion via SMS from Grand Optic.