Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cambotube gets famous

Started quietly Cambotube now gets a push after a report on Cambodia Daily, I hope. Its interesting that they focus on Cambodian videos, or Cambodia related. Maybe its just in case of any concerns of the government. In the Dailys article an governmental official told that its ok to offer Cambotube, but its watched for violation of Cambodian laws (which is understandable) and if its to belittle Cambodian culture. "Sites like this must operate within the frameworks, traditions and customs of Cambodia". Thats the important fact, because thats where censorship is not far away. Like in a provincial museum, when the prime minister discovered a dummy with UNTAC-uniform standing near a Cambodian girl with t-shirt and hot pants and kind of ordered teh remove, because a museum should show the nice Cambodia and the rich culture and not this period - which is of course economically one of the most important periods, because the UN troops brought a lot of money into the country.

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