Sunday, November 18, 2007

Garment the next big thing in Cambodia

When I was reading the Phnom Penh Post article about the business leader meeting in PP at the beginning of November, I was really surprised about what the Manager of the garment industry association (or so) said:"Do it now or you will be to late." Does anyone really believe that garment is the next biog thing in Cambodia. Despite the fact, that international companies more and more take care of the conditions of productions, Vietnam seems to be far ahead as well as China. I know people who had to close their factories because of the hard fights in the market.

The article also told that electricity is a major obstacle and that they will build up industrial zones near the Thai and Vietnam border, because then they can buy electricity from neighboring countries. If I am an investor, I would think about starting my business then directly in Thailand or Vietnam.

Lets come to "Cambodia Airlines". There would be just ONE possibility to make a story of success: If a Cambodian Airline runs by a private company, paying a fixed fee to the government, and that it. If there is any official involvement in the operating business or in investment, forget it.

On Vuthasurf
I just found a link to the government-private sector forum.

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