Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma: Boycott or pressure?

Shall we boycott all companys who are working in or with Burma? I mean, not only the Chevrons and the Ivonhoes, but also small travel companies?
I think no: We better use pressure to ask companies how the are using their connections and opportunities to make pressure on the regime. A junta without money is nothing, so it in the hand of China and India, but also the companies, to make a clear statement.
What we can forget is the UN: They are useless, having dinner with dictators and counting death tolls, to get after theit visit in the first class flight and make a report.

Tomorrow we have our Bloger Tech Meetup and some suggested to wear red shirts. A great idea, and I think we should send out an adress to the people of Burma, show our solidarity with them.

If many many people do many little things, they can even move a junta out of government. yes, I believe in this. The people in eastern Germany proved it years ago.

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duh said...

I think that we won't be able to apply pressure to the companies to make them apply pressure until you hit them where it hurts. Otherwise you'll just get PR. You'll still get PR, but maybe some results.