Sunday, September 9, 2007

Not really recommended: Pacharan on Sisowath Quay

Originally we wanted to try the new Living Room in Street 306, but they didnt have an aircondition and it was quite hot, so we decided to go spanish to the Pacharan.
Its located on the riverside in the first floor, beautiful view on the street and the tonle sap. Nice interieur too, modern, chic. They have three tables outside on the balcony and a lot more inside with a/c. Thats the good news.

The bad news is: Too expensive. Maybe they think they can rip off the tourists because they never come back. maybe they think spanish tapas must be on a higher price level.

but sorry: we spent 25 dollar for a bottle of pellegrino (6$), 3 cheese croquettes (7$!), stuffed eggplants (maybe two handfuls, a handful of chorizo and the same ammount of olives. my wife as a vegetarian even eat one slice of the sausage, because she said its to expensive to leave it on the dish...

the service ist functional, but thats it.

btw: try the new lebanese restaurant near norodom (one of the 300 somethings), its cheap and delicious!

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