Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Exotissimo goes voluntourism

Because it's the company my wife is working for, here some news about voluntourism. the projects name isn't published yet, but I think will be soon.

Volunteer tourism has kicked off in recent months and the importance of adding the concept of helping others has increased among the conscience travelers. Many people while traveling are left with the question: “What can we do out of the ordinary to help others?” Volunteer tourism is not just about donating money and visiting a project. It’s about donating your time and devotion and sharing it with the local hosts and improving their livelihoods.

Exotissimo Cambodia has now worked out a couple of great programs in which people visit the country and its marvelous treasures as well as an additional work a couple of days on construction projects for the poor and handicapped. An extensive network of dedicated NGO’s and impressive cooperation between them and Exotissimo Cambodia has led to our first major project to be started in November 2007.

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