Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma update: War or no war?

While the monks are arrested and the people getting shot, I was thinking about a military option against Burma (btw: or Birma, but not Myanmar, thats the juntas name).
Why there is not UN resolution like in Afghanistan or Kosovo? Because China wont give up there business? Because there is not enough oil for the US? Because there are no economic interests for Germany, UK or France?

What options does the opposition in Birma have? I think, the only one is to fill the streets with masses of people, which include the risk to get shot (and yes, its easy to say that from a safe place like I have). Waiting for outside help is waste of time, just look at the international reaction. All the leaders are conferencing together in New York right now, and the main topic is climate change and maybe Iraq. The don't really care about Burma.

So, would a military solution solve the problems? What, if Russia or US use their Mother of all Bombs to just destroy the new capital or the juntas headquarter? Yes, this seems to be pretty naive, but I think, War against Burma should be discussed as long as there is no other suggestion.

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