Thursday, September 6, 2007

New traffic law

I just picked this up from the Khmer440-Forum, a english translation of the new traffic law here (via Jungle Blog). Some topics:

The drivers of all motorcycles and tricycles must drive in the maximum speed of 30 km per hour

The drivers and passengers who sit at the front seats of the vehicles must wear the safety seat belts.

12. Telephones are banned from being operated during driving. The telephones can be operated when they are connected to the communication equipment, or the drivers must stop the vehicles to operate the telephones.

The drivers must not drive side by side on the roads or the same path of the roads.

When overtaking, the drivers must strictly implement as the following:
1. The drivers of all kinds of vehicles must overtake each other on the left-hand side. But the drivers can overtake on the right hand side, if the other drivers are giving a diverting sign to turn left and stop, or prepare to turn left.

Ok, reality seems to be a bit different..

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