Thursday, September 6, 2007

Recommend: Haircut and Cafe

Just two loctions I used frequently or the first time. Yesterday I went to the Paragon Centre for a new haircut: There is coiffeur in the second floor, and, wow, that was amazing. Separate cabin, verything clean, very friendly staff, good haircut and an outstanding shampoo-headmassage-comination. And I paid just 10 Dollars. Recommended!

One of the foreingers most loved places is the Java Cafe on Sihanouk Boulevard. Its terrace is nice, the bagels too, also the pumpkin soup. We even tried the delivery servcie, wich was fast and good. They have Wifi (via online) there and great art exhibitions.

What I do not understand, is the not-so-good service. They are slow, you have to wait a long time to place your order, they never ask you if you like to have something more. Yesterday, some people complaint about the internet shutdown. It is always the router which needs to be restartet. Bt it tooks more than an hour before a staff member did anything. Thats really sad, because the internet wifi is a major reason to come to Java Café. I hope, they will train there waiters a little bit..

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Daravuth said...

That's interesting!! Java cafe!! i really appreciate Java, Programming Language..I'll try there some time.:)